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3 restaurant operations trends for 2019

here’s what NRN predicts for operations – 

Restaurants will redesign for off-premise business

The coming year will see more designers cleverly and seamlessly drawing well-thought-out areas into restaurants to provide for to-go and delivery orders.

Benefits will get more holistic

A growing number of companies are embracing the fact that employees aren’t just employees. They’re human beings. Human beings who have babies, aging parents, sick kids, stress, health issues or perhaps even troubled pasts they’re trying to leave behind.

Dads will get their own changing tables

Millennials are having children. And they’re expecting restaurants to be welcoming to their offspring and their parenting styles. They’re not afraid to take to social media to demand the changes they want to see in restaurants, either.

read the complete article here – https://www.nrn.com/operations/3-restaurant-operations-trends-2019

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