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3 Ingredients you need for a delicious Father’s Day

Enjoy this upcoming Father’s Day with the perfect beef back ribs! Cotati has all the ingredients you would need to easily throw the best Father’s Day. Load up on any of Cotati’s meat and salads for the perfect weekend celebration. 

Grab our juicy Beef Back Ribs (100730) to throw on the grill for that smokey taste. Without the hassle of making your own sauce, pair your ribs with our delicious BBQ Hickory Sauce (P108490) to achieve the perfect BBQ flavor. Easily season your meat and slap this sauce onto your ribs then throw it on the grill. Do not forget to pour some sauce on the side because dad will be wanting more of this great taste. 

To balance out the meal, order any of our refreshing salads that we offer! Our pasta orzo and feta Italian salad would go perfectly with your ribs. Our salad and beef combination will create the perfect balance.

Contact Cotati Food Service for more information on our meats, salads, and sauces!

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